Our Produce

Growing locally, thinking globally

The challenge—and pleasure—of the hospitality business in Samoa comes from the necessity of starting from first principles.

Our agriculture is predominately subsistence.

People eat what they grow. If they can, they sell what's left over for cash. Traditionally we've grown a fairly limited number of vegetables and almost no herbs or spices.

Our relative geographical isolation has allowed us to develop a unique and flavoursome cuisine that's developed free of the kinds of cultural cross-pollination you'd find in places with similar climates, such as South East Asia.

Part of our mission at Legends Café is bringing richness and diversity to our table while at the same time celebrating Samoan cuisine at its best: food that is rich, fresh and that speaks to our cultural

Samoa's climate and diverse topography means we can grow pretty much anything: our usual staples of bananas, taro, breadfruit and coconut as well as citrus fruits: oranges and limes and exotic cultivars like abiu, soursop and star apple.