Legends wins Samoan restaurant challenge

We are proud to announce that Legends Café has won the Best New Entrant Award at the New Zealand Friendship Challenge: a significant achievement only twelve months into our operations. This is a huge boost to our culinary profile.

Our chefs Leon and Irako, in consultation with Vanya, created the award- winning dish that consisted of both Samoan--tuna--and New Zealand--kiwi fruit and grapes--components. 

Our dish consisted of crispy seared tuna wrapped in Amaranth leaves and coated with fresh coconut scrapings served on a bed of fresh foraging green vegetables and with a fresh fruit salsa and kiwi-fruit sauce.

The New Zealand Friendship Week Challenge is open to all cafés and restaurants, the main criterion being that entrants create a unique main dish combining elements of both Samoan and New Zealand styles and ingredients. 

The Friendship Week Restaurant Challenge began five years ago and is a way of expressing the close relationship between New Zealand and Samoa: acknowledging sometimes difficult elements of a colonial past but celebrating the bonds of family and friendship that have only grown since Samoa's independence in 1962. 

The community interest in the Friendship Week Challenge indicates that Samoa is becoming a destination for food lovers and especially those who want authentic Samoan food experiences.

Legends Café food philosophy of Ocean Farm to Table cuisine fits in well with global trends.

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